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Isabel Barto


Office Managing Partner

Bloomfield, NJ

Isabel Barto has practiced the field of Accounting for over 30 years. Following her studies at the University of San Marcos in Peru, she continued her Accounting studies at Essex County College and was inducted into the PHI THETTA KAPPA SOCIETY.

In 2000 She joined Fraser CPA Inc. as a Tax Accountant. Her vast knowledge in accounting and taxation enabled the firm to assist the Spanish Community with their tax and accounting needs.

In 2002 Isabel became a partner at TAXKO. The firm’s vision is to provide professional and affordable service to clients.

Isabel is committed to meeting the firm’s vision by helping clients to build wealth and paying the lowest amount of taxes under the Law. With the Laws, Rules and Regulations constantly changing at Taxko, we keep abreast with the ever-changing Tax, Laws and legislation.


Education and Professional Licenses:

  • BS Kane University


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